Top Chemicals To Avoid

Wondering how to identify toxic chemicals when shopping for cosmetics and makeup? You are not alone! Below are articles on various products and chemicals you may find when reading labels. Get familiar with the chemical names and learn how to avoid them when shopping!

parchem_1339598553_88Many ‘natural’ products aren’t as safe as you think. Manufacturers do something called GREEN-WASHING, making the product look and sound safer than it is. Next time you are shopping, pay attention to products with the words “NATURAL” or “PARABEN-FREE” and look at the designs. Products may have images of grasses and flowers, done in beige and neutral tones to make you think the product is safe and natural.

Since not all ingredients are required to be on labels, it’s up to you, the consumer, to read the labels and try to make sense of all the gibberish. Knowing the main ingredients to watch for is step 1!

It’s up to manufacturers to ensure their products are safe BEFORE they are sold on store shelves, but most products get into consumers hands even though they contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals like lead (in lipstick – yuck!)

Get familiar with these chemical ingredients so you can recognize them more easily next time you are shopping for beauty & personal care items. Oh, and yes, some of these toxic chemicals are even approved to be used in the foods you eat, so start reading those labels and begin making safer choices today! If you ever have questions about ingredients or even a certain brand, let us know! We’re more than happy to do some digging for you and help bring to light what products are safe and what products are not!

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